Astroshot Gemini
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Have fun target shooting games at home or in the backyard with the Astroshot Gemini Standing Target Aiming Game from USA Toyz! This foam ball popper shooting games kit is a 2-player target practice set that includes 2 air blaster toy guns, 1 alien-designed standing target, and 24 soft foam balls (12 blue + 12 green).

To start, assemble the standing target (complete assembly instructions with illustrations shown in the included User Manual), grab the ball popper toy guns, load each with 12 soft foam balls, aim at the aliens with the highest score, play solo, or play with family and friends.

The standing target is also designed with mesh ball baskets to catch the balls as you shoot and save you time from collecting the balls every time.

These air popper toy guns require no batteries and shoots to up to 20 feet. Simply load, pump, and shoot! Soft and safe for kids ages 6 and up, this standing target shooting game set makes a great Summer toy for boys and girls.

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