Astroshot Zero-GS
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Ready for an even more challenging floating target shooting game? The Astroshot Zero GS takes the floating target shooting game a notch higher with manually adjustable air stream for increased game difficulty!

Each kit includes 1 Astroshot Zero GS aiming gallery that measures 11.25"" L x 3"" W x 12.25"" H and is powered by (4) AA batteries (not included) or with the included USB cable.

Also includes 1 foam dart gun, 10 soft foam darts, 10 floating ball targets, and 5 flip targets. To start, place the shooting gallery on a flat surface, install the toy gun targets, switch on, and play!

Grab the kid-friendly foam dart gun and load 1 foam dart at a time. Easily cock the toy gun, aim, and shoot! Compete with yourself or have fun games with a friend or sibling and aim to knock down all hovering and flip targets from up to 25 feet!

The Astroshot Zero GS is fun and safe for kids ages 6 and up. Compatible with Nerf guns and accessories and makes a great summer gift for boys and girls.

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