Lucky Doggy Dressed Up Stuffed Animal: Maxx the Bulldog - Super Style
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Many people have little dogs. They can make their masters happy and laugh. But what do they look like? Of course, they look like their beloved masters. Same look in their eyes, same walk, and same habits. But why do they look so similar? It is most likely because of the mutual love. Meet the Lucky Doggy collection!

Their very existence makes your life a joyful holiday. Each dog has a hobby: some love music, some enjoy sports, some like dancing, and some spend their time at SPAs and shopping. Lucky Doggy Plush Dogs are especially loved by children from 3 years old, because they can change their clothes, hang them into the wardrobe, play with Lucky Doggy's hair and change their hair accessories. Lucky Doggy equally suits to both girls and boys as all Lucky Doggies come in girl and boy dog versions.

But don't think that it suits only kids. Such toys are a pleasure to receive in any age. It is a great gift idea for a person who has or had a real dog of the same breed. Lucky Doggy is a unique gift for any dog lover! They really do bring luck and happiness and create little magic by their only existence. Each of them has its own style and character. These dogs are a celebration: their stories come from parties, fashion, music and friends. Let the celebration be always with you!

Just imagine how surprised your child will be to get such an incredible gift! You don't just give ordinary plush dog, you give joy, luck and long hours of happy play. Choose the dog by character and style. As it is known that dogs often look like their masters. Which one is more like your child? Maybe this cute Bulldog Lucky Maxx?

Hey hey! The way this handsome man starts his every communication. Not because he is stupid and ill-mannered. By the way, he is very well-read, for example, he has read all Bulgakov’s poetry and Pushkin as well. He even has a notebook where he secretly writes down his own poems. Therefore - tshshsh! Do not tell anyone. Yes, he is a very subtle and exalted nature! Max gives himself a "cool" look. And even dresses so that you can say: “Oh, what a cool super style you have!” To be honest, it suits him!

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