Wise Elk Mini bricks construction set Small Tower 80 pcs. Glue included.

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Build the real model with our ceramic building bricks and glue. Dive into building a new reality. You can build your own building, and if you want to build something another or build it one more time just put the building into the water for a few minutes, and then you can easily separate blocks and build again.

Our Educational Construction Set is a fantastic toy for teaching children to embrace their creativity and design engineering marvels. Who knows, maybe your child is a future architect
This set is great for both baby and adult. For the child, it will be an interesting toy that will help to develop creativity, mathematical abilities, logical thinking. For an older person, this is an ideal hobby to do in your spare time.
All of our parts are made from eco-friendly material. Natural gypsum and ceramic, non-toxic glue, carton.
Box includes
▪ Instruction how to build the building from the fundament to the last level;
▪ Glue for connects all of the parts;
▪ Gypsum and ceramic block to build great structures;
▪ Fundament - the place where you should start to create your building."

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