AstroShot Gyro-GX
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Play solo or compete with friends and family with this multiplayer shooting target game from USA Toyz! The Astroshot Gyro GX is the glow-in-the-dark version of our customer-favorite Astroshot Gyro target shooting game set.  Just like the original Astroshot Gyro, the Astroshot Gyro GX features rotating target obstacles to make the game extra challenging and fun for everyone.

To play, first, insert the target holders and rotating obstacles into the shooting gallery then switch the module on to activate the galactic soundtrack.  Grab the easy-to-load foam dart guns, cock, aim, and get past the rotating obstacles to knock down all glowing targets from up to a 20-feet shooting range.

Gear up with 2 foam dart gun blasters and 24 soft foam darts and practice target shooting games in the dark.  Target shooting gallery measures 12.5” W x 11” H and requires (3) AA batteries.  The Astroshot Gyro GX glow-in-the-dark target shooting game set is easy, safe, and fun for kids ages 8 and up.

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